TWINTER – the first portal

Ghosts, time-travel, a dozen terrible secrets, and a curse of snow

Twelve-year-old twins, Kit (a keen boy-scientist) and Bash (a girl with a natural ‘green thumb’ and a flair for elaborate words) are excited to be moving from a noisy city to Bede Hall, their eccentric grandmother’s crumbling stately home, set in the sleepy English countryside.

With all that’s gone horribly wrong for a year, moving to a grand old mansion seems a solution that promises an adventure of endless exploration and freedom. Bash can create the garden of her dreams and Kit has an abandoned space to set up his own laboratory.

Instead, they discover a portal to the future with three terrible secrets, begin to untangle the supernatural riddles of a mysterious village as bizarre as their grandmother’s magic snow globe, meet some unexpected life-forms who appear to be as haunted the ghost of Bede Hall – a hapless young girl trapped in the attic.

In order to save the planet from a disaster the twins must travel to the past and unravel the missing truths of natural history. The answers lie in Ancient Egypt, but only time will surrender its hidden knowledge.

Holding the world in one’s hands is a big responsibility



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